Why Hire A Traffic Lawyer?
We can help you save money and time,
and keep you from losing your license!

We save you time by making it so you won’t have to come to Court. In most courts, we can appear for you. We save you money in several ways. The most obvious is getting you a lower fine, though this is not usually significant.

We save you more money by getting you a point reduction. Points matter. If you get points your insurance rates may go up. That can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the next three years. Also, if you get six points on your license, the DMV will hit you with an extra $100/year surcharge on your license for the next three years, plus $25/year for each additional point. And if you get eleven points, you might lose your license. Learn more about the point system on our FAQ page. In many cases we can get you a reduction to a non-moving violation, which means no points. In tougher cases we may be able to get you a reduction to something that does not affect your insurance. 

For out-of-state drivers, we help you figure out how best to handle your ticket to reduce the impact in your home state.

Most of all, you will know that your case is being handled correctly. And we are accessible. Call us at - 516-396-6648. A person answers our phone! If an Attorney is available you will be connected to him/her. If not, leave a message with our receptionist and he/she will get a text message on his/her cell phone and call you back ASAP..

In rare cases, it may be wise to fight your speeding or traffic ticket. You should review the facts of your case with one of our experienced and highly qualified Attorneys.

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